As temperature transmitter is intended a device able to convert an electronic thermometer signal (thermocouples or resistance thermometers) into a normalised signal (4..20 mA ; 0..20 mA or 0-10 V) directly proportional to the temperature measured by itself. The advantages coming from the use of these devices in the temperature measure are so resumed :

- Linearization and amplification of the thermoelement signal.
- High immunity to the noises caused by the electromagnetic induction and by radio frequency interferences.
- Sensible reduction of the connecting cables cost (especially in case of thermocouples).
- Easy manage of the signal itself by the electronic monitoring devices and regulation of the temperature.

Normally the temperature transmitters could be installed on DIN rail or into the connecting head of the thermoelement itself.



A- To be installed inside head.
B- To be installed on DIN rail.


The temperature transmitters could be divided into three categories:

- 2 wires transmitters : the power supply and the output are on the same line
- 3 wires transmitters : the power supply and the output have just one common wire.
- 4 wires transmitters : the power supply and the output are completed isolated between themselves.

Further than the versions with galvanic isolation between transmitter input and output and the versions with intrinsic safety, because of the new constructive technologies, TERMOTECH is able to supply as well transmitters with special functions as:

- Complete programmability of all parameters (range, input sensor type, etc.) trough computer.
- Possibility of constantly monitoring the thermoelement isolation resistance at his input.
- Possibility to have a frequency signal on the same line of the analogue one, that permits to control and modify all parameters trough modem.



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