Information on the privacy (non-disclosure)

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According to the provisions of the Legislative Decree nr. 196/2003 (Law regarding protection of personal data) which has replaced law nr. 675/1996 the processing of personal information about you shall be carried out according to the standards of correctness legality transparency and safeguard of your privacy and your rights according to the provisions of article 7 of the Legislative Decree nr. 196/2003 (former art. 13 of law 675/1996) of the above stated law we inform you that:

  1. Subject of the information.
    The information subject of this communication concern all the personal data supplied to us directly by you as well as any of your personal data which will be acquired in the future.
  2. Purposes of the treatment.
    The treatment of Your data is done only for the attainment of our company purpose and, however, connected to the activities of our company, which as an example:
    • purposes connected to the acquisition of information, necessary for the activation or the continuation of the relationships with our companies;
    • purposes connected to the implementations of the obligation of law, regulations, or from the contract to the vigilance and control agencies (as an example society of accounts auditing).
    • video surveillance for security reason.
  3. Modality of the treatment.
    The data will be putted in a data bank and/or conserved into paper archives or on magnetic support and will be from us manually treated or through the aid of electronic systems, or with every other means put in disposition from the technique and the technological evolution in the respect of the law. The treatment of the data will happen in lawful and corrected way and, however, in way guaranteeing the safety and the confidentiality of the same data.
  4. Consequences of the eventual refusal of the conferring.
    The conferring of the yours data for the above mentioned purpose is optional, the eventual your refuse can involve the impediment in the execution of the relationship with you. Your data will be use in accordance with the Art.24 a, b, c and d of the D.lgs No. 196/2003.
  5. Subjects to which can be communicate the data and sphere of diffusion.
    Your personal data could be by us communicated for:
    • the installation, the maintenance and the product management of software and hardware apparatuses;
    • the eventual credit recovery;
    • the account auditing of the budget;
    • the administrative and fiscal carry out, to the commercial offices;
    • the payments of the invoice to the post or to the banks offices;
    • the trade promotion of our products to agents and to representatives of commerce;
    • the necessity today not recognizable, to other subjects referred to the present and future relationship with you.
  6. Rights of the interested parties.
    It is your faculties to exercise the rights of the Art.7 of the privacy code, and between these, the rights of:
    • get free access to the general registry of the treatment instituted by the Guarantor of the Privacy;
    • get information about the name and the address of the holder and the responsible of the treatment, get the information about the purposes and the modality of the treatment;
    • obtaining the cancellation, the block, the modernization, the rectifies, the transformation in anonymous shape or the integration of your personal data;
    • obtaining the confirmation of the existence and the communication of the same data, of their origin, the logic and the purposes on which the treatment is based, all without delay;
    • opposing, for legitimate reasons, to the treatment of the data that regard to You;
    For having more information regarding your rights on the privacy we invite to You to visit the web-site of the Guarantor Authority for the protection of the personal data to the address
  7. Holder of the data treatment.
    The holder of the treatment is the Company Termotech S.r.l. in the person of its Legal Representative domiciled for assignment to Company address.